Use These Tips to Reduce Anxiety When Going to the Dental Clinic

16 April 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Do you often feel anxious when you have a dental visit on the horizon? Dental anxiety is common and can range from mild to severe across all age groups. For some people, the anxiety before a dental check is enough to cancel the appointment altogether. However, you do not need to put your oral health at peril just because you're worried about going to see the dentist. Instead, use these tips to help you tone down the anxiety.

Call Your Dentist Ahead of the Visit

Step one, call ahead. Talk to your dentist and briefly discuss what will happen during your visit. Knowing what's on the agenda will help to calm you down and prepare you mentally. Just talking to your dentist helps too. It initiates a rapport that lets you feel you're in safe hands, especially if you're seeing a new dentist.

Schedule Your Appointment When the Dentist is least Busy

It helps to see the dentist when he/she is least busy. One reason for this is that you'll enjoy an unrushed treatment. Two, you won't be worried that other people are looking at you or listening in when in the dentist's office.

Arrive Early and Settle in

If you arrive late, you'll be rushed and apprehensive throughout the check up. Arrive early at the clinic (such as Identity Dentistry), about 20 minutes before you're due and settle in. The time will let you calm down your nerves as you take in the sights and smells of the establishment.

Set a Different Day for Dental Procedures

If you find out you need a procedure done e.g. filling a cavity or having a tooth removed, ask your dentist if you can schedule it for a different day. The added time lets you prepare psychologically so that you don't feel rushed.

Do Your Homework

Once you've asked your dentist what to expect in your next visit, research about it. If you're going to have a procedure done, look up the details and procedure online. This will help you eliminate unnecessary fears about the scope of work that will be done on you.

Take a Friend Along

Come clinic day, have a friend take you to the clinic. He/she will keep you busy and take your mind off the dentist's chair. If you can't find someone to go with, carry a book to keep you busy in the waiting room. If that doesn't work, chat up the front desk assistant as you wait.

Once in the dentist's office, let him/her know that you are prone to dental anxiety. Dentists understand the anxiety related to their services all too well. Your dentist will try to accommodate you by explaining what will be done and maybe even play some music or switch on the TV for you.