Five Discreet Alternatives to Conventional, Metal Braces

23 September 2015
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Traditionally, to get straight teeth, you needed to use braces with noticeable, clunky wires. Luckily, that is not the only option. If you want straight teeth but also need something more discreet than metal braces, there are other options. Talk with your dentist about these options:

1. Coil Spring Behind the Teeth

One discreet teeth straightening method features titanium bows or brackets that sit behind your teeth. A coiled spring between the brackets pulls your teeth into the desired alignment.

You can use this straightening method on both top and bottom teeth, and when you need to snack, you can slip the contraption easily out of your mouth.

2. Clear Removable Trays

Alternatively, you can also use clear removable trays. The trays fit over your teeth, and they feature a slightly different position than your teeth are currently in. You wear a tray until it has moved your teeth, and then, your orthodontist gives you a new tray that moves your teeth even further.

After you have used several trays, your teeth are straight. You can use removable trays that you wear all the time except special occasions, or you can get ones that you just wear at night.

3. Mini-Behind-the-Teeth Braces

If you just need to straighten a couple of teeth, you may be able to use completely hidden mini braces that attach directly to the back of your teeth.

For example, if you have a gap between your front two teeth, your orthodontist can install a small piece of metal on the back of some of your front teeth. Over time, that piece of metal will pull together your teeth to eliminate the gap.

4. Tooth Extractions

In other cases, your crooked smile may be the result of overcrowding. If your dentist or orthodontist thinks that you have too many teeth, they can extract one or two and let the others fall into place. This teeth straightening method can be combined with other methods, and as long as the extracted teeth are from the back of your mouth, no one needs to know.

5. Snap On Smiles

A snap on smile isn't necessarily a teeth straightening method. These temporary veneers, however, can be a way to make your smile straight. You can order a snap on smile from your dentist, and getting it is much faster than any of the straightening methods above.

If you need a straight smile for a special event, you can use a snap on smile as a temporary straightening method, and then, you can explore other discreet options.

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