What You Need to Know About Getting Dentures for the First Time

30 December 2015
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If you're about to receive your first set of full or partial dentures, there are a few things you need to know. It will be wonderful to be able to speak, smile, and eat with confidence once again. But before this can happen, there are a few aspects of new dentures you should be aware of. Tooth Removal In the short-term, your smile might be slightly worse. This happens if your dentist needs to remove any damaged teeth before the dentures can be fitted. Read More 

Commonly Asked Questions About Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures

10 December 2015
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Cosmetic dental procedures are very popular today, and a cosmetic dentist can often treat crooked or yellowed teeth quickly and easily in just a few visits. Because these procedures are very common and popular, they are also more affordable than ever before. Of course a cosmetic dentist is the best source for the answers you need about a procedure you're considering, but note some commonly asked questions so you know what to expect by way of popular cosmetic dental procedures. Read More 

Teeth Overboard: Keeping Your Dentures In Place While Skydiving

20 November 2015
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While throwing yourself out of a perfectly good plane to skydive might be your idea of a good time, a 72-year-old grandma discovered it was also a good way to lose your dentures. A popular video-sharing website shows that toothless skydivers are not an uncommon occurrence either. Since dentures aren't the cheapest item to replace, and you're unlikely to have a spare pair just sitting around at home, keeping them in your mouth while skydiving seems to be the best option. Read More 

Think Your Child’s Abscessed Tooth Can Wait Until Monday? Think Again!

26 October 2015
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Every parent knows that too many sugary drinks can cause problems for their child's teeth. But during the summer it gets a little harder to monitor what your kids are drinking as they get involved with sports and also enjoy time playing with their friends during the end of year school holidays. In 2014 in Victoria alone, over 1,000 children had teeth removed because of decay. One sign of decay is an abscess around the infected tooth, so it is important you know what to do when your child wakes up on a Saturday morning clutching their face in pain. Read More 

Five Discreet Alternatives to Conventional, Metal Braces

23 September 2015
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Traditionally, to get straight teeth, you needed to use braces with noticeable, clunky wires. Luckily, that is not the only option. If you want straight teeth but also need something more discreet than metal braces, there are other options. Talk with your dentist about these options: 1. Coil Spring Behind the Teeth One discreet teeth straightening method features titanium bows or brackets that sit behind your teeth. A coiled spring between the brackets pulls your teeth into the desired alignment. Read More