Three Reasons That You Should Go Electric – Toothbrush, That Is!

28 June 2018
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Whilst you're already aware that brushing your teeth is vital for optimal oral health, you might have a bit of confusion when it comes to the brushing implements themselves. Traditional bristle toothbrushes can do a good job of cleaning your teeth -- but the question is, do electric toothbrushes do it better? Read on to find out why the answer is 'yes' in three parts.  1. Oscillating the Plaque Away Read More 

Get ready for these hot trends in cosmetic dentistry

22 May 2018
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For many years, people have been admiring the bright white smiles on celebrities when they watch TV or see them live. Growth in the field of cosmetic dentistry has made it possible for the average person to receive quality cosmetic procedures. Nowadays, more people can have their teeth whitened, replaced, or treated for misalignment at a reduced cost. This has been made possible due to advancements in technology within the field of cosmetic dentistry. Read More 

Are Dental Implants Better Than Dentures? Here’s What You Should Know!

23 April 2018
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When dealing with a significant amount of missing teeth, it can be difficult just to eat, speak and live normally. Fortunately, there are two excellent teeth replacement options today: dentures and dental implants. Whilst dentures have been around for longer and are still the most popular option, dental implants are used more widely every day. Here's what you need to know before choosing between dentures and dental implants.  When Dentures Are Better Read More 

Dental Cavity: Three Crucial Tips for Managing the Pain

29 March 2018
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The process of tooth decay destroys the protective enamel of the dental structure. Over time, the dentin and the cementum will also be corroded if dental treatment is not carried out. Once these structures are worn out, the blood vessels and nerves which make up the pulp inside the tooth will be exposed to external conditions. As a result, you will experience a lot of pain. Ideally, you should have your dentist perform emergency treatment when the decay becomes painful. Read More 

Why It Is Critical To Remedy Tooth Loss with False Teeth

6 March 2018
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Whereas some people may find tooth loss devastating, others may deem it a minor issue that does not affect their overall quality of life. While this latter group may assume that tooth loss only affects their appearance, the truth is that it has far-reaching consequences for one's oral health. When you lose one or multiple teeth, it is advisable to consult a dentist so that you can get tooth replacement post haste before the gaps in your mouth start to pose a host of problems for your overall wellness. Read More