Kids and Teeth from Babyhood to University

Essential Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Proper dental care is quite important if you want to have healthy teeth. This involves taking care of your teeth, tongue and gums to prevent severe dental problems from occurring. Your dental health contributes massively to your general health. If you can begin dental care for your children at a young age, they will develop […]

How to keep your teeth healthy as you age

As a person begins to reach their twilight years, they become more prone to certain types of conditions such as gum disease and dry mouth. Additionally, medications often taken by older people can also negatively affect their dental health. However, whilst maintaining good oral health does become a bit more challenging as you age, it’s […]

Tooth Extraction: What You Need to Know

If you visit your dentist and they recommend that you have a tooth extraction, you may have some concerns. Below is a brief guide to the most common reasons for tooth extractions, what you can expect if you undergo a tooth extraction and a list of things you should inform your dentist about before beginning […]

Dental Air Polishing: A Guide

Increasing numbers of dental clinics across Australia are investing in air polishing equipment. But what exactly is air polishing and how can it improve your dental health? Below is a brief guide to air polishing. What is Air Polishing? During air polishing, your dentist will use a device to direct a stream of high-pressure air […]

Dental Health: 4 Common Oral Hygiene Errors

Maintaining proper levels of oral hygiene can reduce the risk of gum disease and cavities. However, there is much more to maintaining good oral health than simply wiggling your toothbrush around your mouth for a few minutes. Below is a guide to 4 common oral hygiene errors you should avoid. Not spending enough time brushing […]