Are Your Teeth Too Close Together?

5 October 2021
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Some people have more difficulty maintaining a high level of dental hygiene than others. It can sometimes be an issue with access, with your teeth simply being too close to each other. This means that your interproximal region (the space between your teeth) is too narrow for your toothbrush or dental floss. An inability to clean these portions of your teeth can result in increased susceptibility to decay and cavities. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a few viable solutions. Read More 

3 Ways to Close the Gaps Between Your Teeth

20 August 2021
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Gaps between the teeth can be a distinctive look, but some people might not appreciate that particular distinction. These gaps are typically a cosmetic concern, and if the functionality of your teeth has been affected, your dentist will likely suggest treatment as soon as the issue is noted. Closing the gap between teeth to improve the appearance of your smile can be achieved using three different methods, depending on the width of the gap and the number of teeth that are involved. Read More 

7 Common Problems Caused By Loose-Fitting Dentures

30 June 2021
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Dentures won't always be a snug fit, especially as time goes by. The natural changes that occur in your mouth, such as bone loss, eventually cause dentures to loosen. When this happens, it's time for a reline. If you continue to wear ill-fitting dentures, you run the risk of suffering from the following oral conditions.   1. Gum sores The more your dentures rub against your gum tissue as you eat and speak, the more you irritate your gum tissue. Read More 

4 Ways to Fight Your Dental Anxiety

25 May 2021
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Do you get anxious when you know your next dentist appointment is right around the corner?  If so, you're not alone. Numerous people suffer from dental anxiety, and it can be a big problem when it comes to keeping your teeth in good condition. However, there are ways to effectively combat this anxiety and feel confident about your dental appointments. Try these four strategies to put an end to your dental anxiety. Read More 

Why You Don’t Want a Pearl on Your Teeth

23 April 2021
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Some dental conditions can be baffling. You might be vigilant when it comes to brushing and flossing, while paying careful attention to how your diet can affect your dental health. Despite your best efforts, you might have a tooth that simply refuses to respond to your efforts, demonstrating a disproportionate level of sensitivity, and perhaps even experiencing unexplainable deterioration. Since you've done everything you can to maintain your dental health, why does the tooth in question refuse to cooperate with your efforts? Read More