3 Ways to Prevent Tooth Damage in Winter

26 September 2017
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Winter is a time for enjoying the company of friends and family, playing games, having fun, and eating good food. Unfortunately, many winter traditions come with a risk of tooth damage, which can really put a damper on things. Nobody wants to spend their days searching for a local emergency dentist. Follow the tips below to avoid damage to your teeth during winter without missing out on any fun. Avoid snowball fights Read More 

5 Tips for Cleaning Your Teeth When You Have Braces

11 September 2017
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Cleaning around orthodontic devices can be awkward, but it is essential to keep your teeth clean when you have braces. If you allow plaque to build up in the tiny gaps between the wires, you allow bacteria to thrive, which could eventually lead to tooth decay or gum disease. Here are five tips to help you clean your teeth more effectively and comfortably while your braces are in place. 1. Use an Electric Toothbrush Read More 

How to Deal with “Settling in” Problems Associated with Your New Dentures

22 August 2017
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You may feel as if you have been given a new lease of life with your new dentures, but the early days have not been that easy to deal with. While a certain amount of discomfort is not unusual in such a situation, you may think that it's just too much, so what can you do to alleviate the pain? Assessing the Problem It's very unusual, given the typical expertise of the dentist and the technology available in the office, for dentures to have been poorly fitted. Read More 

Thinking About Adult Braces? Five Things You Need to Know

1 August 2017
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Do you ever cover your smile with your hand? Do you ever feel embarrassed about being in photographs due to your teeth? Do you wish you had a straight smile? Did you miss the chance to get braces as a kid or did your childhood braces fail to correct all the issues? If you've answered yes to any of those questions, you may want to consider adult braces. Worried that they aren't right for you? Read More 

White Spots On Your Teeth: 5 Possible Causes

9 May 2017
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Many people dream of having white teeth. However, sometimes you may develop unsightly white patches on your teeth. Below is a guide to 5 possible causes of white spots on your teeth and the steps you can take to prevent them. Whitening Strips Teeth whitening strips have become a highly popular way of performing DIY cosmetic dental treatments. However, these DIY teeth whitening kits can have unpredictable results. If you leave the strip in place for too long, it can result in one area of a tooth becoming severely bleached. Read More