Children’s Dental Health: Top Tips

22 November 2022
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As a parent, you no doubt want your kid to be healthy and happy. Good dental health is an important part of overall wellness, and it's important to start teaching your children good oral hygiene habits early. Here are some top tips for keeping your child's teeth and gums healthy. 1. Schedule regular dental check-ups It's vital that you schedule in time to take your child to the dental office for check-ups and cleaning. Read More 

Two Reasons Why Dentists Suggest That Their Patients Have Regular Teeth Cleaning Appointments

3 October 2022
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Here are a couple of the reasons why a dentist might suggest that their patient have more frequent teeth cleaning appointments than they normally do. The patient has told their dentist that they're pregnant If a dentist is told that their patient is pregnant, they may recommend that she have frequent teeth cleaning sessions throughout her pregnancy. The first reason is that gingivitis is a common issue many women experience when pregnant, even if they have good overall dental health. Read More 

3 Essential Benefits Of A Dental Examination

25 July 2022
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A routine dental examination is critical in ensuring healthy gums and teeth. Unfortunately, many people fail to visit a dentist at least once every year. Regular check-ups can catch oral problems early, and treatment can be administered when it is most effective and cheaper. After all, a dental filling is much more affordable and less invasive than a root canal. Furthermore, some dental issues can be painless. However, they can become progressively worse under the radar to the point where they eventually cause you pain, thus requiring intensive treatments to reverse the damage. Read More 

When Should You Treat a Sensitive Tooth as a Dental Emergency?

20 June 2022
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Tooth sensitivity is a common dental condition characterised by pain or discomfort in the teeth as a response to stimuli such as heat and cold. Tooth sensitivity occurs for various reasons, some of which amount to a dental emergency. In this case, failure to treat the underlying problem can lead to severe pain and potential tooth loss. Therefore, if you have a sensitive tooth, you should know when to treat it as an emergency. Read More 

How to Manage Your Dentophobia

8 March 2022
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As an important element of your overall wellbeing, your oral health requires regular attention. That attention includes visiting a dentist twice a year, or more often if your circumstances command it. For some people, the thought of seeing a dentist feels daunting. If you're among them, here's how to handle your dentophobia. Exposure Therapy Exposure therapy involves gradually exposing yourself to the thing or experience you have a phobia of. When it comes to dental treatments, this could include going to your dentist's office without actually seeing them. Read More