Simple Tips for Your First Month With New Dentures

20 July 2015
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Dentures can help to make your mouth look better and can also help with chewing, speaking, and overall comfort. However, most denture wearers find that they need time to adjust to having these, and may find that they slide and slip or don't feel as natural as they expected.

Typically it takes time to adjust to new dentures, but note a few tips for making the first month easier on you, and to getting accustomed to the sensation of having them fitted:

1. Eat soft foods and expect more salivation

To help you adjust to your new dentures, start out with soft foods the first few days and then work your way up to more solid foods once you become accustomed to the fit and feel of dentures. Try eggs, soup, pasta, and even protein shakes or juice to get you through the first few days.

Add in soft but solid foods such as steamed vegetables and fish after a few days, and then gradually work your way up to chewing meat and raw vegetables. Take very small bites as you eat and don't rush the process. If necessary, eat privately the first few days with your new dentures so you don't feel self-conscious.

Because you have something new in your mouth, you can also expect more salivation. This is your body's way of making your mouth more comfortable and this usually goes away soon enough, so don't assume that this means something is wrong with the dentures or your mouth.

2. Practice talking

Having a new set of teeth in your mouth will affect how your jaw moves when you talk, and you may want to practice talking with your new dentures, in private. Read a book aloud or say the alphabet a few times so you can get accustomed to the feeling of the dentures, and so that your mouth learns to adjust as well. Once you feel more comfortable talking with your new dentures, move on to singing! Your mouth will easily adjust to the sensation of your new teeth when you put it through the workout of signing rather than just talking.

3. Wear them often

Because your new dentures may take some getting used to, you may be tempted to take them out when by yourself or when not eating. However, remember that the more you wear them, the faster your mouth will adjust to them. Wear your dentures throughout the day and you'll soon forget you're wearing them, but if you find that they still feel uncomfortable after the first month, visit your dentist for an adjustment.

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