3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Smile

3 September 2015
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Your smile is often one of the first things a new person in your life will notice about you, so how can you make the best impression? Here's an overview of three simple ways to improve your smile:

Have Your Teeth Whitened

Teeth whitening methods have evolved and are now quick and affordable. Whitening will remove the tell-tale signs of your daily latte habit and leave your teeth free from common stains that can make them appear dull. Common forms of teeth whitening include bleaching and using custom-made whitening trays.

The bleaching method involves your dentist at a place like Revesby Dental Centre painting your teeth with a carbamide peroxide solution before passing a laser over your teeth to speed up the bleaching process. You may need to have more than one bleaching session to reach your desired shade, and you'll have to repeat the treatment a couple of times a year to keep your teeth looking bright. The whitening tray method involves your dentist taking impressions of your teeth and having trays made that fit perfectly over your teeth. You can use the trays at home and simply fill them with a milder whitening solution that you can use on a daily basis to prevent stains building up.

Replace Those Silver-Coloured Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings can leave you feeling self-conscious when smiling or laughing, so why not have them replaced with a newer material that's not as easily noticeable? Unlike amalgam fillings, tooth-coloured fillings don't contain traces of mercury and can even form a stronger bond with your teeth. The three main types of tooth-coloured fillings are composite, glass ionomer and porcelain.

Composite fillings are made with resin, which binds well to teeth and can allow your dentist to remove less of the affected tooth without compromising on the quality of the finish. Glass ionomer fillings slowly release fluoride into the affected tooth, which can prevent additional decay, but they can only be used on non-biting surfaces. Porcelain fillings are strong and create a durable seal that's difficult to damage, so they can be a good option for those who grind their teeth.

Consider Veneers

If you have chips or cracks on the front surface of one or more teeth, consider using veneers to cover these small imperfections. A veneer is a porcelain shell that's positioned on top of your existing tooth surface and is made to match the shape and colour of your existing teeth. In order to fit the veneer to your tooth, your dentist will file away a thin layer of enamel, which will create a slightly rough surface for the veneer to stick to. They will then use a strong dental adhesive to secure the veneer to the surface of your tooth, and you'll be able to carry on eating and drinking as you normally would.

If you'd like to discuss these three cosmetic dental procedures in more detail, schedule an appointment with your dentist.