Why You Should Let Children Choose Their Own Toothbrushes

25 October 2016
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Kids learn many life lessons at an early age, developing routines and habits that they carry on to later life. One of the most important things children need to learn is how to brush their teeth regularly. Although you will take responsibility for brushing initially, your aim is to teach your child how to ultimately take over this task for themselves. Allowing kids to choose their own toothbrush may help engage them with the oral hygiene process.

Choosing a Brush Gives Kids Ownership

Even if you're still brushing your child's teeth for them, there is no reason why they can't choose the brush you use. It's important for parents to realise that their kids, especially when they are young, don't get to make many decisions about their daily lives. Making a special trip to the store to pick out a toothbrush of their own may seem a simple thing to you; however, it may be a bigger deal for your child. If your child has picked a special toothbrush, they may feel more ownership about cleaning their teeth, even if they aren't old enough to do all the brushing themselves.

Plus, as kids get older and want to assert their independence, some may start to kick against having their teeth brushed for them. If your child has a special toothbrush, they may feel more engaged with the brushing process and more willing to accept it.

Choosing a Brush Adds a Fun Element to a Boring Job

Kids may benefit from having routines in their lives, but this doesn't mean they always enjoy these routines. Younger children may find the repetitive nature of tooth brushing sessions a bit boring, though using a toothbrush they selected, such as a brush with their favourite TV character on it or a brush that plays a tune, can add some fun to brushing sessions.

Choosing a Brush May Help Overcome Fears

Some kids get a little phobic about the tooth brushing process. They may not like the sensation of having their teeth brushed or may develop worries about the process. Choosing and using their own brushes may help them feel a little better about having their teeth cleaned.

Before you let your child choose a toothbrush, it's a good idea to explain to them that they can't just pick any toothbrush in the store. While most kids naturally gravitate towards children's brushes, some may decide that they want an adult brush that isn't appropriate for their teeth. Talk with a family dentist to determine which type of brush your children should use.