Three Reasons That You Should Go Electric -- Toothbrush, That Is!

28 June 2018
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Whilst you're already aware that brushing your teeth is vital for optimal oral health, you might have a bit of confusion when it comes to the brushing implements themselves. Traditional bristle toothbrushes can do a good job of cleaning your teeth -- but the question is, do electric toothbrushes do it better? Read on to find out why the answer is 'yes' in three parts. 

1. Oscillating the Plaque Away

Electric toothbrushes have bristles, just like ordinary brushes do -- so why are electric ones better? The answer lies in oscillation. The electric toothbrush continually oscillates whilst you're brushing, and this allows the bristles to spread out to the entire tooth surface and eliminate plaque more completely and more quickly than you could with the ordinary toothbrush. With an ordinary brush, you should brush in small circles -- but with an electric toothbrush you need only to move the brush around your mouth whilst it makes those plaque-busting circles for you. 

2. Ferreting Out the Food Particles

When you brush thoroughly with an ordinary brush, you'll dislodge most pieces of food -- but there are still those tiny fissures where food can get stuck easily. An electric toothbrush can ferret out those particles more effectively because it has more tiny bristles that are designed to get into even the smallest hiding places. Of course, you should always floss after you finish brushing -- but with an electric brush, you're likely to notice that your flossing yields less debris than it used to. 

3. Taking the Pressure Off You  

Whilst you shouldn't apply heavy pressure when you brush with a traditional toothbrush, you do need to exert more effort than you do with an electric brush. Since the electric toothbrush is capable of doing a quite thorough cleaning all on its own, you simply need to direct it properly to have great brushing success. You only need to cover all four quadrants of your mouth using the lightest pressure whilst brushing with an electric toothbrush. You should still plan to brush for the standard time -- two minutes, twice a day -- to make sure that you do a really thorough mouth cleaning. Don't forget to brush your tongue whilst you're at it -- the tongue can be the breeding area for a lot of harmful bacteria. 

If you're looking for a way to get a complete cleaning that's also very simple, the electric toothbrush might be the right choice for you. Talk to your dentist about electric toothbrush advantages today!