Why Do People Whiten Their Teeth?

16 May 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


In common with much of the rest of the Western world, teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular in Australia these days. Although it is something that you can carry out yourself from kits that you can buy from a pharmacy, the best results are usually obtained by visiting a dental professional to do the work for you. Dentists often carry out teeth whitening procedures for their patients who report a wide variety of reasons for having this sort of work done. What are the most common reasons that people cite for having their teeth whitened?

Making a Smile Sparkle

For some people, the idea of undergoing a teeth-whitening procedure is all about improving the appearance of their smile. Many people who want whiter teeth will also undergo other cosmetic dentistry procedures at some point in time, such as tooth straightening or fitting dental veneers. That said, when people want to make their smile really sparkle, there are few better ways than a professional bleaching session or two in order to really make front-facing teeth look good when they are exposed to the world.

Removing Old Stains

Another common reason for wanting whiter teeth comes about because of years of staining. Very often, it is former smokers who, having given up the habit, want their teeth to look less yellow. Although there may be little point whitening your teeth if you continue to stain them with nicotine, doing so after you have given up is one way that many smokers incentivise themselves to break the habit. Bear in mind that sustained staining of teeth does not just come about from smoking. Coffee drinkers and people who indulge in a glass or two of red wine every day may also find that their teeth discolour over time and, consequently, want them to be whitened. 

Making Teeth Match One Another

Sometimes, certain medical procedures can lead to the discolouration of one or two teeth. For example, some anti-cancer medications will lead to this sort of localised problem. Equally, tooth decay on just one or two teeth can also lead to a lack of uniformity in colour. In such cases, teeth whitening may not be required for all of your teeth but it can help to make your set of teeth look more coherent together. Lots of people who undergo professional bleaching treatments from their dentists are not really seeking whiter teeth at all but rather a greater uniformity in their overall appearance.