Why Use Denture Adhesive on New Dentures?

23 September 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


New dentures shouldn't need denture adhesive to stay in place. People usually resort to using these products when their dentures get older and lose some of their initial fit.

However, if you're getting your first set of full dentures and you're worried about how you'll cope, then using a little adhesive might help. What kinds of problems might you have, and how will an adhesive help?

Getting Used to Dentures Takes Time

New dentures should fit snugly and tightly. Your dentist will have taken time to mould them to your mouth to make them sit securely. Even so, your new dentures will feel strange at the start. They look like natural teeth, but they won't feel like them. They also move. So, you won't immediately feel in complete control, and your confidence may take a knock.

This isn't unusual. Your mouth and your brain need time to get used to these teeth being there; they have to learn how to keep the dentures in and how to use them. For example, you have to slightly modify how you eat and you have to learn how to maintain suction on the plates.

However, to start with, you're likely to be very conscious of wearing new teeth. If your natural teeth were in a bad way, then people will notice the upgrade. This may make you more self-conscious than usual. So, for example, you might worry about your teeth slipping or moving when you're talking to people or are out for dinner with friends. Even smiling may make you anxious that your teeth will dislodge.

A Denture Adhesive Gives You Extra Help

While new dentures don't need an adhesive, it may help you to use one for a while. Just a little adhesive in key areas gives your teeth extra sticking power. The adhesive holds the denture plates in place so you don't have to just rely on suction. This should make you feel more confident about wearing the dentures.

However, you shouldn't use an adhesive all the time — you'll get used to dentures more quickly if you also wear them on their own. This is a good occasional comfort blanket for work or social situations when you might worry about controlling your dentures.

If you're worried about how you'll adapt to dentures, talk to your dentist. They can put your mind at rest and give you more tips of how to manage your new teeth.