4 Dental Treatments You Can Replace With Composite Bonding in One Appointment

22 June 2020
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Composite bonding is a versatile dental treatment. Because it is inexpensive, it's ideal for patients who currently can't afford more expensive alternatives. And you can achieve results with composite bonding much faster than you would with several other similar treatments.

So although composite bonding is a short-term fix, if time and money are an issue for you, you can replace several more expensive and time-consuming treatments with it in one sitting.

1. Teeth Straightening

If your teeth are crooked, the most effective and long-term way of straightening them is with braces. But wearing braces comes with downsides. Not only are braces visible, but you usually have to wear them for months or even years to achieve the results you want. Composite bonding can straighten teeth, or at least give the appearance of straightened teeth, in an hour of dental treatment or less.

To close gaps between your teeth with bonding, a dentist will apply composite bonding to your teeth in its resin form. They then sculpt the resin to your teeth and add extra width to them to fill in any gaps.

2. Teeth Whitening

To whiten your teeth with trays, you usually need to whiten your teeth consistently for weeks before you achieve the results you want. And if your teeth are sensitive, whitening can be a painful experience. But if you prefer to whiten discoloured teeth in a faster and less painful manner, then bonding might be for you.

To whiten teeth with bonding, a dentist applies the tooth-coloured resin to discoloured teeth, then uses a blue light to harden the resin.

3. Teeth Fillings (Amalgam)

Metal fillings are strong but unattractive. This means that if you are uncomfortable with smiling with amalgam or metal fillings, then you should consider replacing them with composite fillings. Although not quite as durable as metal fillings, composite fillings look like your natural teeth and so won't be visible when you smile.

4. Teeth Lengthening

If one tooth in a smile is shorter than the rest, this fact is usually quite noticeable. This can leave a person lacking in confidence and unable to smile comfortably when around other people. Normally, you would need braces to extrude or lengthen a tooth. This would take months or even years. But you can achieve the same effect, without physically moving the tooth, with bonding.

So, while bonding won't physically move the tooth, it will disguise the length discrepancy and allow you to smile comfortably.

Composite bonding is fast and inexpensive alternative to the aforementioned dental treatments. However, bonding does stain easily, and you will need to replace it every few years or even sooner if you don't practice excellent oral hygiene.