What Happens If You Undergo Invisalign Treatment With a Missing Tooth?

22 June 2020
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Unlike traditional metal braces, which remain on your teeth for months or even years, Invisalign aligners are removable. This makes Invisalign a popular orthodontic approach for people who want to be discreet about their treatment. But if you have one or more missing teeth, you might wonder if this will prevent you from undergoing Invisalign treatment. Don't worry — it won't.

Even with missing teeth, you can still use Invisalign. But there will be some slight differences to your treatment. In general, you and your dentist or orthodontist will discuss your missing tooth to decide how it will affect your treatment before you begin. You have several options at your disposal.

You Could Close the Gap

Invisalign has come a long way since its earlier days. You can now rely on Invisalign to close large gaps. So, if you decide that replacing a missing tooth is going to be too expensive, then your dentist will tailor your Invisalign treatment to close the gap in your smile. While you'll still be missing a tooth, eating will be easier, as will smiling. 

You Could Widen the Gap for a Tooth Replacement

If you still aren't sure about how you want to replace a missing tooth before you begin Invisalign treatment, you can opt to widen the gap first. Then, as you progress through your treatment plan, you can decide how best to replace the tooth. You can replace missing teeth with dental bridges, dental implants and partial dentures.

You Could Place a Dental Implant Before Treatment Begins

If your dentist is worried that you might not have enough bone left around the missing tooth location by the end of your treatment, they might recommend an implant before you begin. Placing an implant before you begin treatment would help to conserve the bone. However, you will need to delay your Invisalign treatment by a few weeks so your jawbone and gum tissue can heal first.

Your Orthodontist Will Use a Fake Tooth for Missing Front Teeth

If you are missing a tooth in the front of your mouth before you undergo Invisalign treatment, don't worry. Your orthodontist can place a fake tooth into each aligner. Whenever you wear your aligners, then nobody will notice that you are missing a tooth. The only downside to this is that when you take the aligners out, you take the tooth out too.

A missing tooth won't stop you from undergoing Invisalign treatment. But you will need to decide whether you want to replace the tooth or close the gap permanently.