5 Ways to Reduce Teeth Whitening Sensitivity

28 October 2020
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Teeth whitening can give you a bright and pleasing smile. But some people struggle with tooth whitening sensitivity, especially after they have whitened their teeth. This may be off-putting for some people. Fortunately, you can take some steps post-whitening to alleviate any sensitivity that you might experience.

1. Avoid Hot and Cold Drinks

After tooth whitening, your teeth are even more sensitive than usual. This is because the pores of your teeth open slightly during the whitening process. This allows the hydrogen peroxide to remove the stains from your enamel. But this also allows hot and cold temperatures to penetrate your teeth before the pores close after whitening. Stay away from hot and cold drinks for 24 hours.

2. Shorten the Tooth Whitening Duration

If your teeth are more sensitive in general, then it makes sense that you spend less time whitening your teeth than other people. Instead of whitening your teeth for 60 minutes at a time, for instance, spend just 30 minutes instead. This will reduce teeth whitening sensitivity.

3. Give Your Teeth Long Breaks

It's a good idea to give your teeth longer recovery breaks between whitening sessions. This will allow the pores in your teeth to close fully so that you don't experience extreme sensitivity with every whitening session. Give your teeth at least two days break between whitening sessions if you are whitening your teeth at home.

4. Use a Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Toothpaste for tooth sensitivity is an important tool during a teeth-whitening phase. As well as brushing your teeth night and morning with toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth, you can add this toothpaste to your whitening trays once you have whitened your teeth. Add the toothpaste to your trays and wear those trays for twenty minutes after your whitening session.

This will help to remineralise your teeth and reduce sensitivity post-whitening. 

5. Go to a Dentist for Teeth Whitening

Although whitening your teeth with your dentist may cost you more than an over-the-counter whitening solution, such as whitening strips, it is better for sensitive teeth. This is because your dentist can tailor your custom whitening trays to suit your teeth. If you have very sensitive teeth then, your dentist can reduce the amount of hydrogen peroxide in your whitening trays.

If your teeth are especially sensitive, then make sure you follow these tips. You'll then be able to whiten your teeth without worrying about tooth sensitivity afterwards.

For more tips on teeth whitening, reach out to a local dentist.