Four Reasons to Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal

3 March 2021
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Have you been thinking about asking your dentist for wisdom teeth removal? Perhaps you have noticed some problems with them or you are concerned that they could cause issues in the future. Or maybe your dentist has suggested that you think about wisdom teeth removal because your wisdom teeth are putting too much pressure on your jaw or because the wisdom teeth are, themselves, crooked. If you have been considering this procedure but are not yet convinced, here are four benefits that can come from wisdom teeth removal.

Enjoy a more comfortable life

There are lots of harmful effects that can come from wisdom teeth, but for many people, perhaps the most noticeable advantage of wisdom teeth removal is simply a loss of pain. Removing wisdom teeth can reduce gum sensitivity and pain by reducing the pressure they can bring to bear. Once the pain is gone, patients often find that they can eat a wider range of food and drink. Some patients also report that they no longer experience the chronic headaches that wisdom teeth can sometimes cause.

Reduced risk of orthodontic problems

Growing wisdom teeth can often lead to an overcrowded dentition. If your wisdom teeth are growing in an area where there isn't sufficient room for them, they can become the cause of misalignment as they push your other teeth out of position. This misalignment can be particularly frustrating if you have already undergone corrective oral surgery or had braces fitted because wisdom teeth can soon undo all of this work. Wisdom teeth removal can be a good way to ensure that your teeth stay the way that you want them.

Protect neighbouring teeth

As wisdom teeth push against neighbouring teeth, they can loosen those teeth or scrape away the enamel so that they become vulnerable to bone loss and cavities. Arranging for wisdom teeth removal can help you avoid the need for extensive treatment to repair the damage caused by the wisdom teeth.

Avoid future gum disease

Perhaps you have problems with your wisdom teeth at present, but that doesn't mean that the situation won't change. Fully emerged or impacted wisdom teeth can bring an increased risk of gum disease, dental cavities and infections. Severe infections could result in the life-threatening condition of sepsis. Even if you avoid sepsis, you could find that your wisdom teeth leave you with jaw damage or perhaps tumours or cysts. It is far better to arrange for wisdom teeth removal and prevent the damage by taking away the wisdom teeth before they can cause serious problems.