4 Ways in Which Denture Implants Beat Traditional Dentures

11 January 2022
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


If you have been using dentures for many years, you might wonder what all the fuss is about denture implants, which are a modern and permanent replacement for traditional dentures. The truth is that implant dentures have many advantages over traditional removable dentures. Here are just a few of the most important reasons to make the switch.

1. Denture Implants Feel More Like Real Teeth

If you look back fondly on the days when you had a natural set of teeth, then you will be pleased to hear that you can have a very similar experience once again. Whereas traditional dentures feel quite different to natural teeth, implant dentures mimic the sensation of having real teeth growing from your gums. They never move around when you eat or talk, which means you can have complete confidence in them.

2. Denture Implants Look More Natural

If having a natural-looking smile is important to you, then swapping your dentures for implants is an excellent decision. Denture implants look just like natural teeth, whereas dentures can sometimes give the game away by moving slightly when you talk or even just having gum bases that are too obvious. Implant dentures integrate seamlessly with the gums, making your smile look as natural as possible.

3. Denture Implants Are Easy to Care For

Perhaps you are tired of having to take your dentures out to clean and soak them. Maybe you wish you could simply brush your teeth like you used to. If you long for a simpler cleaning routine, then implant dentures could be the perfect choice for you. Simply brush and floss your implant dentures every morning and evening to keep them healthy.

4. Denture Implants Strengthen Gums and Bone

When you lose your natural teeth, the structures that lie under them, such as your gums and jaw bone, can become weak. Without the forces naturally generated by chewing, your jaw can stop making new bone cells, which eventually leads to bone loss and a softening of your face shape. Denture implants can help you to avoid this outcome as they extend into the gums just like natural teeth, which means they can provide all the health benefits that real teeth do.

Talk to your dentist about the possibility of swapping your dentures for denture implants to find out if implants are suitable for you. Most denture users can benefit from making the change.